about me

Hello all! My name is Shanna Felice and I am an artist living in Long Island, NY. I received my Masters of Fine Art at C.W. Post in Brookville, NY and continue to paint, draw, and sculpt (when money allows). 
My current work deals with challenging our identities, through interior vs exterior. Th "monsters" inside of us, and how they make their way out are what truly interests me. I love trying to figure out what composes a human being; what makes them unique, intellectually, communicatively and socially. 
My goal is to exhibit my work and influence other artists through continuing to educate.

On a personal level...
I have been making art since as far back as I can remember, using anything that was available. Although, I'm not sure that glueing my toys together to make a sculpture counts as "art," it made me very happy. I continued this passion through my life.
I was raised by my mother and am very close with her. I enjoy drinking my body weight in coffee, smoking cigarettes, watching cartoons and forensics, and playing with my dogs (who doesn't). I don't have many close friends, but I do enjoy people. Art, materials, science, and miscellaneous information are among my favorite topics to discuss with others. My most favorite human quality is silliness...I do love the silliness.
I am also a closet knitter.